Aratest Profile

Aratest is a steroid based on testosterone, and is referred to as testosterone propionate. With testosterone, Aratest works to increase the muscles in the body of the user. This ensures that the user has strength as long as he is dieting and exercising as much as the body demands. Aratest is anabolic and androgenic at the same time, and the ration of anabolism to androgenism is the same.  This means that it is no less anabolic than it is androgenic. Men have a higher percentage of testosterone in their bodies compared to women and this is the reason men are physically stronger than. Aratest increases the amount of testosterone in the body, which improved the level of nitrogen retention as well, which will mean more mass in the body.

Dieting is very important. Our muscles are made of protein and the most common source of proteins for our muscles is animal proteins. This is always an issue with vegetarians since they may not get enough supply of proteins in their bodies. While plant proteins are good enough suppliers of proteins, vegetarians will have to eat a lot more plant proteins to get enough supply of proteins than other people. It is important to have enough supply of proteins otherwise the muscles will not be built well enough. Interestingly, oversupplying proteins is just a problem with steroids as is undersupplying proteins. People have specific needs of proteins depending on the amount of food they eat and how well their bodies are built. Aratest also increases the user’s appetite so that he is supplying the energy he needs in his body as well.


Aratest repairs the muscles of the body by improving the ability of the satellite cells in the repair of muscles that have been damaged through exercise. This is the reason why people who use this steroid will recover faster after an injury compared to those who do not make use of this steroid. Muscle wasting diseases like HIV will be managed by the use of Aratest since it will lead to the increase in the size of the muscles of the user. Aratest does this by protecting the muscles of the user from glucocorticoid muscles, which destroy the muscles especially after exercise.

Aratest aromatizes; which is the process whereby testosterone converts to estrogen. This is the most common process that all testosterone steroids go through once they are in the body. when this happens, a byproduct of water is formed and this is what leads to the formation of water in the muscles. Thanks to this water retention, it is hard for the user to form lean muscles that will lead to strength in the muscles. Water retention reduces that quality of muscles. The user will take a longtime to recover from injuries that come after exercising and so forth.

The side effects of Aratest include water retention and others that will be seen after a long time of using this steroid. One of the most common side effects of this steroid is the aggression that comes with the use of Aratest for a long time. This is a psychological effect that can lead to violence and in extreme cases suicide. Sometimes, it leads to the development of breast tissues among men and this can only be removed by surgery, which is rather expensive. The increase in blood pressure is part and parcel of any steroid that is testosterone-based.  To ensure that aromatization does not take place these testosterone-based steroids are stacked with others that will prevent aromatization and thus remove the chances of water retention, gynecomastia and virilization.