Side Effects of Aratest

Aratest is a form of testosterone propionate and is a veterinary drug from Mexico. It is known for its mass building qualities, which is the reason why many people settle for it. It increases the rate of nitrogen retention in the muscles. Aratest also increases a lot of protein in the muscles and leads to the development of large muscles. Among the effects of Aratest is the increase in the red blood cell count in the body of the user. This is the reason it has been used to treat anemia. There are three kinds of Aratest, Aratest 500, 2500, and 250. Aratest 2500 is the most common in the market and a great muscle builder and can be stacked with dianabol, anadrol, Winstrol and equipoise. Some of the side effects of Aratest are as below.

Testosterone Propionate

While Aratest has the advantage of low water retention compared to other kinds of steroids, you should expect some of the side effects of water retention. Always use anti estrogen compounds to prevent water retention and some of the other effects that come with estrogen. Side effects of estrogen include having water in the muscles, which makes it a lot harder to gain muscles even if you want to. Having water in the muscles will mean that you will get tired easily and when you do, it will be even harder to get out of it. This may lead to the loss of valuable time, which is often of the essence if you are an athlete. In other words, it will take a lot of time to recover from exercising tiredness and injuries.


Water retention is just one side of the coin. The other side of having a lot of estrogen in the muscles is the destruction of the natural production of hormones in the body upon the cessation of Aratest usage, which has its disadvantages. Having a lot of estrogen also has the side effect of gynecomastia, which can only be countered by surgery. The effect of testosterone in women includes Virilization, which will make a man out of a woman. In general, Virilization will give to a woman the shape and physique of a man. Aside from the deepening of the voice, the woman will experience a change in the menstrual cycle and the growth of body and facial hair, which is associated with men. The change the menstrual cycle is extreme and happens upon the use of Aratest for a long time.

Aratest can cause the reduction in size of the vessels that carry blood to the heart, leading to high blood pressure. It can also cause the increase in bad cholesterol which will further increase the chances of a person developing diseases of the heart. Aratest can increase the amount of fat in the body of the user, which will counter the gains in the body of the user. Long term male users will experience balding. All users of Aratest will have acne too. Using Aratest in its right dosage for the shortest time possible is advised.