(testosterone propionate)

This is a steroid that is both anabolic and androgenic. Also referred to as testosterone propionate, its androgenic and anabolic qualities are at the same ratio. It is therefore androgenic as much as it is anabolic. The fact that it has testosterone means that it builds muscle the way natural testosterone does, by nitrogen retention. We all have a natural supply of testosterone in our bodies, although men have a higher testosterone level than women. It is the hormone associated with muscle gain and strength as well as male physiological features.

By supplying testosterone through Aratest, it increases nitrogen retention in the body. Nitrogen retention will lead to more protein and therefore more mass in the muscle. This will directly be related to muscle strength as well. It is required of the user to have more protein in his diet if he wants to develop more muscle and have more strength. Aratest increases the appetite of the user, and since protein is available in dairy and animal products, there is no problem in increasing protein in the diet. However, one needs to be careful that he is supplying enough proteins to his muscles according to his needs. While under-supplying is the most common problem when it comes to muscle development, the over-supply of dietary problem is as much of an issue as is under-supply.


Aratest also increases the ability of satellite cells to work and repair muscles that has been damaged. Muscle damage comes in when we are injured or sick. Muscle wasting diseases are common and for the development of muscle tissues doctors prescribe steroids like Aratest. Aratest protect muscles from wasting by protecting them from glucocorticoid hormones, which destroy the muscles.

Once in the body, Aratest converts to estrogen through a process called aromatization. This process of the conversion of testosterone propionate to estrogen is one that is most responsible for water retention in the muscles. It is the reason why despite the muscle growth you are not able to gain the strength you were hoping to gain. Water retention reduces the quality of muscles, thus the need to use Aratest with other steroids that reduce water retention in the muscles. Many people are apprehensive out using Aratest since it is an injection steroid, so if you are not spooked out by the idea of injections and needles, Aratest is the steroid to use.

Some of the side effects of Aratest are witnessed only after long term use of this steroid. One of the most extreme of these side-effects is the difficulty in moving leg and hand muscles. Some of the most common side effects of Aratest are the development of male breast tissues and more aggression among the users. The increase in blood pressure is the most probable side effects thus you need to be checked out by a physician before you decide on taking Aratest. It is never recommended for anyone who already has high blood pressure. There are natural ways of dealing with side effects like high blood pressure e.g. exercising and dieting.